Reservation Policy

By making your reservation, you agree to
The Whip Tavern’s Reservation Policy:


Reservations for You. And Us.
The sustainability of The Whip’s business depends on your honoured reservations. We ask our patrons to be respectful and responsible in their commitment to our establishment and follow our
reservation and cancellation policy.


Reserve a Table in the Dining Room OR Patio. They’re different.
Reservations made with us are for the enjoyment of dining in our Dining Room or on our Patio. There are options for each. Booking in our Dining Room does not guarantee access to a table on our Patio (or vice versa). We do not accept reservations for our bar.


Stay 75 Minutes. Maybe More. Maybe Less.
Please be aware that due to limited space, a strict 75-minute reservation schedule will be enforced. The 75-minute window starts with the reservation time, not the time you are seated. Walk-ins may not receive the entire 75-minute window of availability. Additional time may be added at the discretion of a manager based on the demands of the business.


No Burners. Call or Email. We’re not Social about Reservations.
You are responsible for the accuracy of the information you submit. Your information may be used to communicate the status of your reservation and will allow you to modify or cancel the booking later if necessary. You can also call (610)383-0600 x4 to speak with a member of our staff or email us at Please, do not attempt to modify or cancel your reservations via social media. Individuals with multiple short notice cancellations or no-shows will be subject to cancellations of any future reservations.


Our Patio is Great in Great Weather.
Patio reservations are weather permitting and may be cancelled by The Whip if inclement weather is forecast. You will be notified if this unfortunate situation should arise. Should the weather force a cancellation or deteriorate during your visit to our patio, you may not be able to relocate to a Dining Room table. We will attempt to accommodate you in our Dining Room based on availability. Your 75-minute window will not pause or restart. Reservations cancelled or interrupted by weather will not be rescheduled by The Whip.


Patio High Tops for Couples and Singles
Parties of one and two on the Patio will be seated at bar height tables. If you are unable to sit at one of these tables, please notify us in advance and we will provide and alternative seating arrangement.


Our Patience Lasts 15 Minutes
Reservations will be forfeited if the entire party has not arrived 15 minutes after the reserved time. If an incomplete party is seated, the 75-minute policy is still in effect regardless of when the rest of the party arrives. Cancelled reservations will not be rescheduled by The Whip.


Count Every Bum in your Party. But not the fuzzy ones.
The total number of seats required for your party includes highchairs and booster seats. Please note only service dogs are permitted.


Plan to Share Credit Card Info for Special Reservations. Call or Email to Avoid Cancellation Fees.
On certain annual days of recognition, celebration, or special events (e.g., Mother’s Day) credit card details will be required to secure your booking. Credit card details will not be processed for payment unless your party fails to honour the reservation wholly or cancels less than 24 hours in advance of your reservation time. On these occasions, we will apply a $25 per person cancellation fee. All cancellations and amendments must be confirmed by email (, by selecting and completing the ‘cancel’ or ‘modify’ options in your original confirmation email, or by speaking to us directly no later than 24 hours prior to your reservation time. Cancellations caused by inclement weather are not subject to the fee. While we are sympathetic to our patrons experiencing unforeseen circumstances, your responsibilities agreed upon your reservation for the cancellation fee remains.


Email Your Requests. Parties up to 10 Inside. Up to 8 Outdoors.
We accept a maximum group booking for 10 people in our Dining Room and 8 people on our Patio. Larger groups should email us at We will do our best to accommodate changes to your schedule or party size. However, due to demand and space limitations it may not be possible. Please call us in advance to notify us of any changes.

No Double Bookings
Back-to-back reservations on the same date by members of the same party
are not permitted.

Call Us. Email Us. Leave a Message.
If you are experiencing difficulty online and in securing your preferred booking time and would like to make arrangements through a member of The Whip’s staff, please call at (610)383-0600 x4 or send an email to: Please understand your call or may not be answered during service and you may need to leave a message. A member of staff will respond to you at their earliest convenience.