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The Whip’s authentic pub atmosphere is a casual and inviting place to try
traditional English dishes created from local, sustainable ingredients.
Bangers and Mash, Scotch Eggs, Welsh Rarebit and Sticky Toffee Pudding are
just a few of the delectable offerings that have earned rave reviews and a
loyal following among British expatriates and English-fare converts.

Woven into the mix are American favorites, evolving seasonally using the
highest quality produce, beef and lamb, cheeses and cream from Chester and
Lancaster Counties. One visit to The Whip and you'll know why so many locals
covet it and why hundreds of visitors travel miles to experience it.



Executive Chef Wyatt P. Lash Jr.
Wyatt Lash has been at work in the kitchen as Sous Chef since 2006. Growing the restaurant
from The Whip’s early years, Lash has added another layer of professionalism and quality to
the kitchen’s operations. He was named Executive Chef in the spring of 2010.

Mr. Lash is credited with helping to establish and expand the largely English menu,
which includes classic pub comfort foods; Scotch Eggs, Welsh Rarebit, Bangers and Mash,
Fish and Chips and a daily curry special. The Whip has grown in popularity, not only
among regular patrons from the surrounding communities and new visitors, but also by
a largely vocal group of expatriates. Requests for familiar tastes come from this crowd, who feel
at home at The Whip, while missing their homeland.

With a background in baking, Lash highly recommends dessert at The Whip,
“The Crème Brule, Cheesecake and the Sticky Toffee Pudding are the best
and freshest in the area,” he says proudly.

Open 11am - Midnight | Closed Tuesday

1383 North Chatham Road, Coatesville, Pennsylvania 19320
610.383.0600 | info@thewhiptavern.com

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